Pure nature

Rapeseed biosurfactin

Our products are based on rapeseed biosurfactin. It’s a surface-active substance, washing and cleaning, non-toxic, bactericidal, anti-cancer and biodegradable. The main advantage of biosurfactants over regular surfactants is the safety for people, including those with allergies, and for the environment. The quality of the substitute is its quick and total biodegradability, which is approx. 67% after 8 days. The postproduction residues from rapeseed are then used as animal feed.


Glycerin, which is the basic component of OnlyEco cleaning products, is a natural organic compound belonging to the group of sugar alcohols. It is obtained by saponification of vegetable fats. It is a colourless, sweet liquid of syrup consistency.

Glycerin has long been used in house cleaning because it dissolves dirt and, for instance thanks to its antistatic properties and smoothing the surface, this raw material helps to prevent re-soiling. It makes the surfaces shine and also blurs minor irregularities and scratches optically. What is more, glycerin prevents the formation of steam so it is a great way, for example, to prevent fogging up of bathroom mirrors or windows.

It also makes the fibers of fabrics more elastic, soft and pleasant to touch.

Glycerin has many beneficial properties and - most importantly - it is not toxic to humans. This raw material is above all an effective cleaning ingredient with a long-lasting effect.