Rapeseed biosurfactin is a surface-active substance produced by microorganisms during the fermentation process. It washes and cleans effectively. In addition, it is non-toxic, bactericidal, anti-cancer and biodegradable. Due to its multiple properties it is the main active ingredient of all our products.

Biosurfactin belongs to the group of surfactants commonly referred to as detergents. The main feature of surfactants is their ability to lower the surface tension of the liquid, which facilitates the washing and cleaning process. Biosurfactin used in our products demonstrates a great ability to reduce the surface tension of fluids, which makes it a highly effective washing and cleaning agent.

The rapeseed biosurfactin used in our products additionally has both bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties, which means it damages harmful microorganisms or slows their growth.

Biosurfactin does not cause allergic reactions, does no harm to nature, and is an alternative to modern synthetic compounds.

Biosurfactin used in OnlyEco cleaners is a perfect ecological raw material. An estimated biodegradability of this substitute after 8 days is approximately 67%.